In Florida, a naked black man with a machete tried to take clothes from the victim


In the United States, a naked criminal was arrested, who, threatening with reprisal, demanded clothes and valuables from a stranger. The New York Post writes about it.

Incident happened in the US state of Florida. A naked black man named Brandon Wright, armed with a machete, suddenly ran out of the bushes where he was picking berries and ordered the stranger to hand over his clothes, wallet and phone.

The victim agreed to fulfill the conditions of the attacker, but he suddenly threw a machete at him. Fortunately, Wright’s opponent was unharmed. The man then got into the car and fled the scene. Soon, visitors to the nearest gas station reported that Wright stopped at the gas station and left the car.

A police helicopter tracked Wright and reported his actions to the dispatcher. The criminal continued to behave strangely: he did push-ups naked right on the road, ran out onto the road, which could provoke an accident. Some frightened drivers had to slow down and go around it. When the police arrived at the gas station, Wright, who, as it turned out, had been repeatedly convicted, lay down next to his car and meekly surrendered to law enforcement officers. Now he is in custody.


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