In Finland called the weakest link of the European Union in the fight against the Russian Federation

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Sanctions against Russia in general and the Urals in particular

The position of some representatives of the European Union, in particular Budapest, can deal a blow to the EU in the confrontation with Moscow. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Finnish Foreign Policy Institute, political scientist Mika Aaltola. He recalled the statements of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who pointed to the ineffectiveness of anti-Russian restrictions.

“According to some EU countries, the idea of ​​imposing sanctions was bad, because now Russia is doing well. Rivalry among the EU countries can become the weakest link in relations with Russia,” Aaltola wrote on his Twitter page. According to him, the restrictions imposed by Europe are “incredibly easy to get around”, so Brussels must respond in a timely manner to ways to overcome them.

Sanctions pressure on Russia escalated after the start of a special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. The EU countries and the United States have imposed severe restrictions on the Russian Federation in the field of economy, logistics and the banking sector. However, Hungary refused to impose sanctions against the Russian Federation, Orban considered the West’s policy towards Moscow a failure. The fact that the EU restrictions caused more harm to the member countries of the association than to Russia itself was also recognized in the European Commission.

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