In Estonia, work began on the transfer of the monument to the T-34 tank from Narva

In Narva, the dismantling of the T-34 memorial tank and its transfer to the local military museum began according to the decision of the Estonian government. This was reported by the portal of the state television and radio broadcasting ERR.

“In the morning, about 20 police and special services vehicles arrived at the tank. The people who were on duty near the monument were asked to leave the place. The journalists were also asked to leave. The area around the monument was blocked, the road to it was blocked,” – noted in the text.

Recall that the T-34 monument was erected in 1970 at the site where in the summer of 1944 Soviet soldiers crossed the Narova River, broke through the defenses of the German invaders and liberated Narva. On August 8, Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas announced that the Narva authorities had agreed to reschedule it. The country also plans to dismantle all the monuments to Soviet soldiers who died during World War II and rebury their remains under the monuments.


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