In Estonia, the commission for the demolition of Soviet monuments works in secret – they are afraid of revenge


    A special commission has been set up under the Estonian State Chancellery, the purpose of which is to decide the fate of the monuments of the Soviet era. She works in complete secrecy, writes Opposition representatives and media leaders believe that in this “sensitive and complex” issue, on the contrary, maximum openness is more appropriate.

    This commission is called upon, as stated in the order, “to organize the removal from the public space of tombstones and monuments with the symbols of the occupying power.” In some cases, it is also allowed to replace the texts on the plates with “ideologically neutral” ones. The work of the commission proceeds under the cover of secrecy. The public was only informed that the commission was headed by Asko Kivinukwho previously worked at the State Center for Defense Investments.

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    According to Kivinuk, it is known that the body he leads includes representatives of various ministries and departments, but the names of the members of the commission are not disclosed. The commission meets once a week and next week will present a legal analysis of plans for the dismantling of Soviet monuments.

    “Members of the Cabinet of Ministers are aware of what is being discussed in the commission, we have already been acquainted with its materials twice. If you look at what happened in Narva, where they burned an excavator that helped dismantle a Soviet howitzer, it becomes clear that the secrecy here is quite justified. Members of the commission may be exposed to threats and dangers, so the Estonian state must protect them and allow them to work in peace,” the Minister of Public Administration emphasized Riina Solman (“Fatherland”).

    Estonian historian Jaak Valge stated that he supported the government’s intention to dismantle most of the Soviet monuments. However, Valge believes that the public has the right to know who, how and on what grounds makes the relevant decisions.

    “This classification is simply ridiculous and leaves the impression that someone is afraid of revenge from Stalin or Putin. If one of the members of the commission wishes to remain anonymous, it would be better for such people to recuse themselves. These are matters of fundamental importance for Estonia, and they should be discussed openly,” – said Jaak Valge, who is now a member of parliament from the Conservative People’s Party.

    A similar opinion is shared by the editor-in-chief of the portal Urmo Soonvald.

    “In the current situation, maximum transparency is required from this commission. The public should know who is on the commission, what they are discussing, what criteria are used to make decisions, and when they will be implemented. These decisions will have a great social and political weight. And the current secrecy at some point will begin to work against these decisions, ” Soonwald says.

    The government promises to remove the veil of secrecy over plans for the elimination of Soviet monuments at some point.

    “I hope that in the coming days the commission will present us with an action plan to remove the “red” monuments. And then the government will inform the public about this plan,” Solman said.

    Note that the topic of the demolition of Soviet monuments in Estonia was touched upon by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskovwrites He criticized the Prime Minister of Estonia Kayu Callaswhich the day before demanded that all Soviet monuments be removed from the public space of the country.

    “We, of course, find this outrageous. A war against history, and a common history at that, and getting rid of the monuments to those who saved Europe from fascism is, of course, outrageous. And this does not paint any nation, including Estonia,” — said the representative of the Kremlin.

    However, according to him, there are no real opportunities to prevent this. Peskov, however, admitted that it is possible to offer Tallinn not to destroy the objects, but to take them to Russia.

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