In Estonia, local Russians should be sobered up by people in uniform – ex-deputy of the Riigikogu

The Estonian military should show up on the streets more often in uniform, because it has a sobering effect on the local Russian-speaking population, said ex-deputy of the Riigikogu, retired soldier Riho Breivel.

A 70-year-old Latvian Russophobe told

“Before, servicemen showed up in uniform as often as possible in the city. The authorities recommended doing so. Today this is no longer the case, and the Russians living in Narva and other Russian cities have become insolent.”

On the example of the border Narva, Breivel told how the Estonianization of the city with a dominant Russian population was going on. According to the veteran, servicemen and border guards were provided with official housing, so strong Estonian communities arose, the city authorities gradually became Estonianized. But over the past 20 years, “everything good has collapsed,” and power in the same Narva at the local level is represented by Russian sentiments and the Russian language, Breivel believes.

He summed up:

“If urgent issues are not resolved promptly, Estonia will have to reckon with a large number of local “comrades” for a long time.”

As previously reported EADaily President of Estonia Alar Karis a month ago, in a radio broadcast, Välistund (“Outer Lesson”) called Russia Enemy No. 1.

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