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For the average salary of an Estonian in March 2023, you can buy only half a meter of housing in Tallinn, the Estonian national broadcaster reports today, March 25.

TV journalists note that in recent years, apartments in the capital have become less and less affordable for buyers, as the price per square meter of living space has grown faster than the average salary.

According to the database of the land department, in 2003 the average monthly salary in the republic was 428 euros, and the average price per square meter of housing in Tallinn was 625 euros. That is, one monthly salary could buy 0.68 square meters in the market of the capital’s “primary”.

According to the Department of Statistics, the average gross salary in 2022 was 1,685 euros per month, and the average price per square meter of an apartment in the capital was 2,889 euros. In other words, one monthly salary could buy only 0.58 square meters of living space.

The best wage/housing price ratio was formed in 2009, when the real estate sector was hit hard by the economic downturn, and one monthly salary could buy almost a whole square meter in a new building in Tallinn.

As previously reported EADaily, in 2022, Estonia was the leader in the EU in terms of annual inflation growth – 21.4%. In February 2023, annual inflation fell to 18.1%.

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