In Dagestan, the father of a boy who protected his brother from a wolf was given a medal from Putin

The head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, handed over the medal “For Saving the Perishing” to the family of a nine-year-old boy who died protecting his brother from a wolf.

There is always room for achievement in life. This is the only way to characterize the act of the little Dagestan hero – a nine-year-old Akhmed Akhmedov. This story cannot leave anyone indifferent. It happened last summer in the vicinity of the village of Kidero. A wolf attacked the carefree children. He chose the smallest as his victim – Abubakar. The boy would not have had a chance of salvation if not for his older brother. Ahmed was not afraid: he rushed to fight off the wolf, switched the attention of the predator to himself, giving others the opportunity to escape. Of course, the forces turned out to be unequal … ”Melikov recalled.

Today, April 20, expressed admiration for the fearlessness of Ahmed to his father Magomed Akhmedov and gave him the medal “For the salvation of the perishing”.

“The feat of a modest, kind rural boy was appreciated at the highest level – the decision to reward him was made by our president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin“, Melikov noted.

He also instructed the government of Dagestan to provide support to the family and keep their needs under constant control.

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