In China, they saw the hints of the United States against Ukraine in terms of paying for military assistance

China Daily: The US estimated the amount of aid to Ukraine in advance and intends to take payment in full

The United States provides military assistance to Ukraine not free of charge. Kyiv will have to pay for the supply of weapons, China Daily stated.

USA and Ukraine

USA and Ukraine

Ivan Shilov (c) IA REGNUM

“The United States is hinting that they have estimated the volume of their assistance in advance, and at what point Ukraine will need to start paying for it,” the publication reported.

According to the Chinese media, everything required from Kyiv will be collected after the “Opaque Biden Administration Goals“. The desire to receive payment from Ukraine in the publication was explained by the fact that “The US threw too many targets into Ukraine’s basket“.

The author of the article emphasized that the United States does not disclose the criteria for achieving its goals, and therefore the duration of support provided to Ukraine is unknown. After Kyiv makes “dirty work“for the States, he still has to pay for the “services” of the United States, noted China Daily.

As reported IA REGNUMUkraine urged the European Union to send the country 250 thousand artillery shells per month to fill the critical gap. The corresponding letter was received from the Ukrainian Minister of Defense Alexey Reznikov.


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