In Chelyabinsk, the demand for nutritionists has increased sevenfold, and for beauty services 1.5 times.

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In Chelyabinsk in September-October 2023, compared to the same period in 2022, the demand for nutritionists increased seven times and 1.5 times for beauty services. Most of all in the beauty industry this fall, eyebrow and eyelash specialists, nutritionists and psychologists have become in demand, the Avito press service reported.

“The most in-demand specialists in the field of beauty and health this fall were: eyebrow and eyelash specialists (demand for services increased by 357% over the year), nutritionists (+630%), psychologists (+200%), cosmetologists (+109%) , makeup artists (+51%). Demand for hair removal specialists (+37%), hairdressers (+70%), spa services and massage (+89%) also increased. People applied for manicure and pedicure services 46% more actively,” the press service reported.

In 2023, compared to last year, residents of Chelyabinsk were 51% more likely to brighten up their gray days with shiny makeup. Also in Chelyabinsk, the demand for the services of professional nutritionists and nutritionists has increased sevenfold. To find specialists, Chelyabinsk residents are increasingly using online platforms. There has been an increase of 205% in such advertisements.

In 2023, interest in the services of psychologists has increased significantly. Residents of Chelyabinsk began to turn to such specialists 200% more often than a year earlier. Due to increased demand, the number of their services on the platform increased by 83%. In Russia as a whole, in 2023 residents of Sochi (+215%), Barnaul and Chelyabinsk (+200% in each city) and Ryazan (+172%) most often began to resort to the help of psychologists.

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