In Chelyabinsk, part of the district will remain without heating. A photo

The work of the emergency team at the site of a utility accident.  Chelyabinsk, pipes, breakthrough, heating, housing and communal services, highway, accident, repair, utility service

In the Metallurgical District of Chelyabinsk on November 30, heating will be turned off for 12 hours. According to the municipal enterprise MUP “CHKTS”, this is due to repairs on external networks.

“MUP “ChKTS” notifies: in connection with repair work on external networks, on November 30, from 10:00 to 22:00, the coolant will be turned off. There will be no heat in more than 140 houses, ”the official page of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise on the VKontakte social network specified.

On social networks, eyewitnesses report a utility accident in the center of the district, which occurred on the evening of November 29. In the photo, Chelyabinsk residents captured a pit with working equipment.

“This has never happened before, and here it is again! Stalevarov – 60 years of October. It broke through again! ”, The community clarified“ Overheard by ChMZ (Official ) ”in the social network“ VKontakte ”.

In the comments, residents of the district specified that pipes are regularly changed in this place due to gusts of heating networks. Last winter in the Metallurgical District there were also utility accidents on the pipes of the heating system.

Equipment is already working at the site of the utility accident


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