The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of , Peter de Crem, ruled out a return to strict isolation measures in the event of a repeat outbreak of coronavirus in the country.

“We don’t want this, but you never know what will happen. If we have to face the second wave, we will have a different scenario. It will be testing and monitoring. But there will be no more return to the strict restrictive measures applied during the first outbreak.” , – the minister promised on the air of the Flemish television channel VTM.

At the same time, Belgian virologists suggest being careful in predicting actions in the event of a second wave. According to the inter-federal representative of the headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, Yves Van Latham, it is still impossible to exclude a return to isolation.

“In a pandemic and the absence of a vaccine (and we should not expect it before fall or winter), there are only two ways to protect: detecting and tracking cases of infection and, if this is not enough, isolation. It can be more flexible and targeted isolation, for example, certain age groups or risk groups or any particular regions and areas. Or, as a last resort, the total isolation that was used during the first outbreak, “said Latham in an interview with Belgian information resource RTLInfo.

On May 4, a phasing-out of isolation measures began in Belgium. People are advised to wear face masks, and wearing masks is mandatory in public transport. Earlier, authorities said that the country overcame the peak of mortality from a new virus on April 12, there is a steady tendency to a gradual decrease in the number of infections and deaths.