In Belarus, they began to call men to the military registration and enlistment offices for verification of data

Ministry of Defense of Belarus reportedthat the call of citizens to check the data of persons liable for military service occurs mainly through subpoenas. Activities to verify these credentials are planned.

At the end of October, the military department announced planned military registration work to reconcile the data of those liable for military service, which is planned to be completed by the end of 2022.

“The military commissariats of the Republic of Belarus continue the scheduled verification of the credentials of those liable for military service, carried out on behalf of the head of state,” the Ministry of Defense reports in its Telegram channel.

“During the inspection, citizens are summoned to the collection points of military commissariats, local executive and administrative bodies, mainly by subpoenas,” the report says.

Also military department emphasizedthat the purchase by military commissariats of various forms, letterheads and other formalized printed materials is a standard annual procedure for the planned work of commissariats. There is no increase in the volume of purchased products in 2022 compared to previous periods, the Ministry of Defense also reported.

We are talking about the form of the forms by which the conscripts are called to clarify the data, the Ministry of Defense explained. “In the understanding of the layman, the agenda is necessarily connected with mobilization. This is not true. Mobilization agendas have a form different from other documents,”— noted military department.

In early March, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that the armed forces of the republic were “completely ready” and, in case of danger, would be able to mobilize within two to three days. At the end of September, he announced that mobilization would not be carried out in Belarus.

Maria Fedotova


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