Home News In Adygea, the pilot died in the crash of a trike

In Adygea, the pilot died in the crash of a trike


In Adygea, the flight of a 60-year-old man on a motor hang glider ended tragically. He died in a plane crash. On this fact, an investigation is being carried out by investigators of the Western Interregional Investigation Department for Transport, the press service of the department reported. The incident occurred on the afternoon of June 11 in the Maykop region.

“A man born in 1962, while flying on a trike, lost control and allowed the aircraft to collide in the area of ​​​​the Dakhovsky rural settlement of the Maikop district of the Republic of Adygea,” the investigating authority said in a statement.

According to preliminary data, during the fall, the pilot received injuries incompatible with life. Other circumstances of the incident will be established during the investigation.

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