In a crisis, the United States will try to drown the whole world in new dollars – EADaily, March 22, 2023 – Economy News, Russian News

Economist Valentin Katasonov is sure that official Washington, in the conditions of the banking crisis that has broken out, will not find anything better than an attempt to flood the whole world with new dollars. About this expert’s warning informs IA DEITA.RU.

According to Katasonov, the United States will plug all the holes that have been formed with dollars. In addition, the threat of bankruptcy of three large American banks and measures to save them will spread like a wave all over the world, affecting the economies of literally all countries.

Valentin Katasonov pointed to the “injection” of more and more liquidity into the economy, that is, unsecured dollars will continue to spread around the planet. Ultimately, the expert is sure, this will lead to an increase in inflation, and then to another debt crisis, who will end the emission, and again there will be little money.

EADaily previously published another expert opinion about what will happen to the Russians if the dollar continues to rise in price, and the ruble, along with oil, becomes cheaper.

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