In 5 years we will live in another country, in the Soviet way – Gurulev on Putin’s message

A member of the Russian State Duma Committee on Defense, Lieutenant-General Andrey Gurulev, commenting on the message of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, said that the good Soviet concept of the “five-year plan” is manifesting itself.

The deputy noted that Putin paid great attention to science, the reform of higher education in the Soviet style, adapted to the current reality, and the technological development of industries.

“In this regard, I can say that the Soviet scientific and educational conglomerate of fundamental science, applied science, the provision of the country with labor resources, for which the task is set to train a million personnel within five years, is manifesting itself,”declared Gurulev.

Immediately, according to him, “another good Soviet concept appears -” five-year plan “”. Gurulev noted that the task was set for a clear period – “in five years we must fulfill specific tasks with the state’s full social responsibility to the population, with all the measures for schools, housing and communal services reform, for a comfortable city.”

“In five years we must live in another country, with a different level of development, with full sovereignty in all areas of our life,” Gurulev said.

He also stressed that it was not for nothing that the audience applauded the decision to suspend Russia’s participation in the START treaty.

“This is an agreement with the United States, but the UK (about 500) and France (480) have nuclear charges. These charges are located in Europe, but only the United States can give the command to launch them, it is they who have the button, and not someone else. We must take into account this thousand charges. They are trying to retort by saying that China is also not included in this treaty, but we, friends, do not have a military alliance with China, they themselves have the right to dispose of their nuclear button. Today the issue is between NATO and Russia. We can deploy the latest weapons as much as we need,” Gurulev said.

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