“I’m going with things”: The star of “The Last Hero” fell under mobilization and is sent to the front as a sniper

The finalist of the TV project “The Last Hero” Dimitry Pavlyuk received a summons as part of a partial mobilization. He will go to the zone of the special military operation, where he will serve as a sniper. On the frames published by the telegram channel MashPavlyuk, along with other men, is waiting for the medical examination and the signing of the contract.

The reality TV star received a summons from the draft board on September 21. Without a drop of doubt, he decided to go to serve, changing cameras and spotlights to a helmet and body armor. Before participating in The Last Hero, a 28-year-old man from Belgorod served in the army, managed to work as a loader, acquire drug addiction and successfully overcome it. Then Pavlyuk found salvation in the monastery.

According to him, participation in the TV project turned out to be a pure accident. The man went there to test himself and hopes that the experience gained will help him on the front line.

“I wish everyone a peaceful sky above their heads, patience. And smile more often,” Pavlyuk said.


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