IKEA products went on sale on Yandex Market


    On the Yandex Market marketplace, the sale of furniture, textiles and other household goods from factories and industries that previously supplied products to IKEA stores began. Goods are sold under other names.

    As reported RIA News in the press service of the marketplace, now 11 IKEA suppliers have started selling goods. Among them are the AGF-Group company from Kazakhstan, the Askona factory, the Shuisky calico plant and the Angstrem furniture holding.

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    “The Market is also negotiating to connect to the marketplace with other suppliers of the Swedish network,” the press service said.

    On March 4, the Swedish company IKEA temporarily suspended work in Russia due to a violation of supply chains after sanctions against the Russian Federation. In June, the company announced that it was cutting business in Russia, as well as selling all four of its factories. The company’s retail business “remains on pause,” the company said in a statement. On July 5, the online sale of products from warehouses began. It was suspended due to technical problems on the site. Later, the company created an online queue, but the acceptance of orders in Moscow was suspended twice, and from July 22 to July 24 it was unavailable throughout Russia.

    Earlier, the offline sale of the remaining goods was announced by the Swedish retailer H&M, which announced its withdrawal from Russia on July 18. In early August, several stores opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The company does not process online orders. After the start of the sale, ads appeared on Avito for the sale of places in line at H&M.

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