If South tries to spread coronavirus in North Korea, we will destroy Seoul – Kim Yo-jong

In the event of attempts to bring the coronavirus into North Korea from the south, the DPRK army will destroy Seoul. This was stated by the younger sister of the North Korean leader Kim Yo-jong, reports today, August 11, TASS with reference to the KCNA agency.

As you know, she holds the post of deputy head of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

“If the enemy persists in such dangerous deeds as facilitating the penetration of the virus into our country, we will respond to this not only by destroying the virus, but also by destroying the South Korean authorities,” – she said.

According to the agency, Kim Yo-jong became concerned that the coronavirus began to spread from areas bordering South Korea.

“It is an indisputable fact that one person or one object infected with a virus can infect many other people in an instant and cause a serious crisis. Based on this, we come to the conclusion that we can no longer ignore the continuous flow of garbage from South Korea. This is just an unethical crime. What is important is that the South Korean puppets continue to drop leaflets and dirty objects on our territory.” she added.

Former leader of North Korea Kim Chen In at a meeting on anti-epidemic measures, announced victory over the coronavirus in the country. The total number of cases of fever identified since the end of April against the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus in the DPRK exceeds 4.77 million people, of which 99.99% have recovered. According to the latest data, 74 patients have died in the people’s republic. The mortality rate is 0.002%.

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