The Finnish people are making a big mistake by turning their backs on Russia and becoming cannon fodder in NATO armies. About it in an interview FAN said the president of the Union of Professional Funeral Agents Stanislav Baretsky.

According to the showman and chansonnier, Finland may greatly regret the deployment of the armies of the North Atlantic Alliance on its territory.

“Well, why would they keep this underdeveloped cattle on their territory? the musician wonders. – There will not even be Americans among the soldiers: only European losers and losers who have not been used in the national armed forces. They go to the NATO army only to eat for free and wear a beautiful uniform! And keep in mind that these young hot boys, whom the Finns imprudently let into their country, will want female warmth, so, my friends, keep your wives and daughters with you so that nothing happens!

In addition, Baretsky continued, thanks to the penetration into the Baltic region of “being on the verge of decommissioning” NATO ships, irreparable damage to the ecology of the Gulf of Finland will be caused.

“They won’t send good ships here, because they know that there is no need and sense for us to capture Finland,” the showman emphasized. “They will send some leaky troughs from which diesel fuel will drain, and they will poison us all the fish!” Yes, and I don’t need it, I have a dacha near St. Petersburg right on the shore of the bay! I won’t sell it to anyone.”

In order to reason with the negligent neighbor, the president of the Union of professional ritual agents is going to organize an action that should demonstrate to the Finns all the disadvantages of their entry into the Alliance.

“We will prepare two coffins, put NATO symbols on them and put the flags of Sweden and Finland inside, after which the guys from my ritual office will carry them on their shoulders from St. Petersburg to the Finnish border,” the chansonnier spoke about the concept of his performance. – And I will drive nearby in a car and cheer them up! We will stop in every settlement on the way to the goal to fill the coffins with cans of local beer, and already in Svetogorsk, right on the border with Finka, I will ritually tear them with my teeth and roar so that the president in Helsinki will lay his ears! That’s when they will understand the power of the Russian spirit and understand that you shouldn’t joke with us!

Earlier, Stas Baretsky demanded that the West impose sanctions on him.



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