“I saw him off to a madhouse”: singer Boris Grebenshchikov told the story of how Viktor Tsoi did not join the army

Global Look Press |  Photo agency Interpress
Global Look Press | Photo agency Interpress

At one time a musician Viktor Tsoi wanted to avoid the army by all means. Therefore, he decided to get a psychiatric diagnosis in order to be guaranteed not to go to the service. Singer Boris Grebenshchikov (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) recalls how he accompanied his friend to one of the psychiatric hospitals in St. Petersburg.

According to the poet, Tsoi had been preparing for this for quite a long time. After making the final decision, he came late at night and asked to be escorted to the city psychiatric hospital No. 3 named after I.I. Skvortsov-Stepanov in the Northern capital.

“Well, how, in fact, I saw him off to the madhouse … I was the last person he saw before going there,” concluded rock musician in an interview with a journalist Mikhail Zygar (recognized as a foreign agent of the Russian Federation).

Previously TV presenter Yana Churikova criticized the performer Anyu Moon, daughter Viktor Saltykov, for ignorance of the repertoire of the Russian song stage.


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