I had to shoot. An inadequate resident of the Moscow region broke into the house of the spouses under the pretext of searching for a child

A resident of Zvenigorod told how an inadequate man broke into her house at night

In Zvenigorod, an inadequate man broke into someone else’s plot at night and began to break the door to the house where a family with a small child lives. The head of the family shot the man and wounded him below the abdomen. Despite this, the victim threw stones at their car and fled, Anastasia, the wife of the shooter, told 360.

According to her, at first the stranger introduced himself as a law enforcement officer, and only then stated that he was allegedly looking for a child.

“He threatened to kill us all”

“He claimed to be a police officer and broke down the door. Then he ran around the site, rattled something, grabbed something, ran in, chatting something indistinct. <...> Already after the husband shot, he began to say that his child was missing, that he had been stolen. And at first he threatened to kill us all, ”the woman recalled.

According to her, the man had “huge furious eyes”, he himself was white as a sheet and fumes emanated from him. However, the couple suggested that it was not only alcohol – “he was too furious.”

The man made a terrible noise, woke up the child, whom the parents had to calm down later, Anastasia said.

“He miraculously did not go into the house, because the second door was wide open. I was just lucky that I didn’t run into the bath where I was at that moment, ”she said.

Nobody got lost

As it turned out, the man was from a neighboring village, where at the same time his wife was walking around in the same inadequate condition, also complaining about the “loss of a child.” However, none of their children actually disappeared.

“She talked with our friends, they saw her and sent me voice messages. The woman was walking around the village, and the shop worker asked what had happened. She said that she had lost her child, but got confused in the testimony: first she says, the eldest, then: “The eldest is with my grandmother, I am looking for the youngest,” and the youngest daughter is at home, ”Anastasia explained.

She suggested that both spouses “went crazy” and they were looking for a child who was actually closed in the house alone at night.

“The police came, but the man had already run away by that time, throwing stones at our car. When I closed the windows, I heard stones flying into the car and the alarm went off, ”added Anastasia.

She provided a video in which the spouses ask the stranger to leave, and he loudly swears in response.

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