I do not have an ammunition warehouse for Ukraine in Brussels – Kommersant

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, at the meeting of EU defense ministers, commented on the supply of 1 million artillery shells to Ukraine. According to him, there is no ammunition depot in Brussels; for supplies it is necessary to “mobilize the reserves of European armies.” The day before, Mr. Borrell admitted that the EU would not have time to fulfill the plan to send ammunition to Ukraine, but assured that Brussels would not abandon this goal.

“I don’t have an ammunition depot here in Brussels. I need to mobilize the reserves of the European armies” – Josep Borrell answered to a journalist’s question about whether the EU has “new figures” on the supply of shells to Ukraine.

Earlier today, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that the target to supply 1 million shells to Ukraine will not be achieved until March 2024, as previously planned. The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba agreed with this statement. According to Mr. Kuleba, the EU retains the “political will to support Ukraine,” but problems have arisen due to the “pathetic state of the defense industry.”

On November 13, Josep Brrell, following a meeting of the EU foreign ministers, announced that the task of supplying ammunition to Ukraine would not be completed until the end of the year. He explained that for its implementation, the EU has already allocated 300 thousand shells from its own reserves, and has now begun their additional production, which is planned to be expanded in the future.

Read about what happens after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine in the Kommersant online broadcast.

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