Hungary was outraged by the negotiations between von der Leyen and Zelensky behind the back of the EU

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Hungary is outraged that the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, consulted with President Vladimir Zelensky, and not with the leaders of the European Union (EU) countries, before making a decision on grain imports from Ukraine. This was stated by Hungarian Agriculture Minister Istvan Nagy.

“Brussels’ decision not to extend the ban on imports of Ukrainian agricultural products into the five EU countries bordering Ukraine is outrageous, unacceptable and non-transparent. The decision <...> is a serious problem, but the fact that the chairman of this body, Ursula von der Leyen, consulted on this topic not with the leaders of the EU countries, but with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, raises certain political questions,” Istvan Nagy commented on the EU decision not extend the embargo on grain supplies from Ukraine after September 15. The minister’s words are quoted by TASS.

As Nagy noted, EU leaders, who are elected by member states, must support them. But instead, they protect the interests of “a completely foreign third country to them.” He believes that the European Commission should restore the ban on grain imports from Ukraine that was in force until September 15.

Previously, Kyiv wanted to sue Poland, Hungary and Slovakia because of their refusal to lift the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain. Among other sanctions, Ukraine also threatened to impose a retaliatory ban on the import of fruits and vegetables from Poland, trade representative Taras Kaczka said. US White House spokesman John Kirby said at a briefing in New York that America will not put pressure on European countries because of their decision to refuse imports of Ukrainian grain. America wants Ukrainian grain to enter the world market.

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