Hungarian Prime Minister: There will be no peace in Ukraine without negotiations between Russia and the United States


    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban criticized the strategy of world leaders on the situation in Ukraine. He believes that peace cannot be achieved without negotiations between Russia and the United States.

    Mr. Orban spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas. The prime minister said that the strategy of world leaders in Ukraine “aggravates and prolongs” the conflict, and also “reduces the chances for peace.” “Without US-Russian negotiations, there will never be peace in Ukraine,” he is convinced (quoted from TASS).

    Viktor Orban also believes that Western countries are “at war with themselves”, which is why their future is “a big question mark”. “We have seen what future the globalist ruling class wants to offer. But we are thinking about a different future,” says the Hungarian prime minister.

    He came to Texas at the invitation of former US President Donald Trump. The politicians met on August 3 and, according to Mr. Trump, discussed “a lot of interesting topics,” but other details of their meeting are unknown.

    Mr. Orban has repeatedly spoken out against the anti-Russian sanctions that the West is imposing in response to the Russian military operation in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry accused the politician of Russian propaganda.

    About the course of the Russian military operation and the reaction to it – in the material “Kommersant”.

    Laura Keffer


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