Hundreds of bikers gather in New York for the annual bike blessing tradition

The cycling season has started, which means that it is worth taking care of safety while riding. Hundreds of amateurs and athletes flock to the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in New York to receive a blessing to participate in the massive Five Boroughs race.

“I think seeing hundreds of bicycles inside the cathedral is unexpected. This is the largest cathedral in the US, the perfect location for something like this. People do us the honor of coming here before the race, especially before the Five Boroughs bike ride. It is very exciting for us,” said the clergyman. Patrick Malloy.

After the two-wheeled bikes are blessed, their owners go to the start of the bike race. The route runs through the streets of New York and is 68 kilometers long. By turning into the yards, the distance, of course, can be reduced, the main thing is to get to the finish line safe and sound.

“We want to see more bike lanes built in the city, and it was not necessary to ask for a blessing before every race just in case. We hope that someday decent conditions for cycling around the city will be created for cyclists,” said cyclist Wendy.

The Five Boroughs is the largest bike race in the United States. About 32 thousand cyclists from different countries, regardless of religious beliefs, participate in it.


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