Human trial in Israel will begin by the end of October, the vaccine ‘Brillife’ developed for Covid-19 in Israel. This information was given in an official press release. The vaccine has been developed by the Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR). Israel claimed in August that it had a corona virus vaccine but would have to go through regulatory procedures and these procedures would begin with human testing.

Information about human vaccine test was not given

Defense Minister Benny Gantz arrived at IIBR on Monday where he was informed about the human vaccine test. The release does not say how long the human vaccine test will last and when the vaccine will be used.

91 lakh people will be given vaccine in this country

At the same time, Indonesia will provide Covid-19 vaccine to 91 lakh people between November and December this year in the first phase. The Director-General of Disease Control and Prevention of the Indonesian Ministry of Health Achmad Euriento gave this information. In the first phase, vaccination will be done on the group of people who are at highest risk of corona virus infection. These include employees engaged in medical and public service, including airport workers, soldiers and policemen.

“This vaccine will only be given to people between 18 and 59 years of age, as clinical trials have not yet been conducted on people outside this age range,” Yuriento said. Explain that currently Indonesia is working on vaccine development cooperation with China and South Korea. Permission for emergency use by Indonesian Drug and Food Supervisory Agency and Indonesian Ulama Council


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