Human rights activists in Germany reported discrimination against Russians by German banks

President of the Association Ulrich Oime said that German banks began to massively refuse to service a bank account to Russian customers without explaining the reason.

The Association for the Prevention of Discrimination and Isolation of Russian Germans and Russian-Speaking Fellow Citizens in Germany turned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to check German banks for discrimination against clients based on their national origin, report RIA News.

At the same time, neither the German government nor the EU has imposed such sanctions against persons in Germany in the banking sector.

“Therefore, we can assume that the mass termination of customer service on the basis of the “Russian” principle has behind it a shadow special operation formula, and banks are under pressure. This is a flagrant act of discrimination that violates basic human rights,” Oime said.

The organization also sent a complaint to the Bundestag asking for collusion checks.

Earlier, the German opposition accused Scholz of “losing touch with reality.”


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