HSE: thanks to maternity capital, the number of people wishing to have a second child increased by 2–4%

The launch of the maternity capital program in Russia has led to an increase in the number of people wishing to have a second child. Depending on the amount of the payment, the birth rate grows by 2-4%. This is stated in a study by the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Kommersant has it).

The study took into account surveys of 22.5 thousand women aged 17-47 years from 2000 to 2019, as well as Rosstat data. The researchers modeled the duration of the interval between the birth of the first and second child before and after the start of the mother capital program.

According to the study, not only the launch of the mother capital program is important, but also the amount of payments. With its increase by three living wages, the flow of births of second children in the family grows by 2.1%. In the regions, with the same increase in the amount, the birth rate rises by 4.2%. In addition, the indexation of regional materiel capital for the third child leads to a reduction in the interval between the birth of the first and second child by an average of two months.

The mother capital program was launched in 2007, initially it was introduced for the second child. In 2020, its action was extended to the first-born. Due to the fact that in 2016-2019 there was no indexation of payments, since 2015 the birth rate began to fall, the study notes.

In December 2021, the State Duma adopted a law according to which maternity capital will be indexed according to actual rather than projected inflation. The amount of the payment must be reviewed annually on 1 February. In 2022, the amount of maternity capital for the first child is 524.5 thousand rubles, for the second – 693.1 thousand rubles, if the family did not receive maternity capital for the first child.

In August, President Vladimir Putin also approved the use of maternity capital to pay for kindergartens. The head of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin proposed to pay the capital to Ukrainian refugees whose children were born in Russia.

Laura Keffer


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