At the age of 58, the chairman of the commission of the Presidential Council for Human Rights (HRC) on the development of the penitentiary system and the head of the committee “For Civil Rights” Andrei Babushkin died. His death was reported in Telegram HRC member Eva Merkacheva.

Mrs. Merkacheva told Kommersant the day before that Andrei Babushkin was in the intensive care unit of the 20th hospital in Moscow. He was hospitalized due to an exacerbation of a long-standing illness. According to Eva Merkacheva, he became ill a few days ago when they were both on the subway for a working meeting with representatives of one of the ministries. “I had to call an ambulance. They pumped him out, but the doctors said that it was vital to lead a healthy lifestyle, and he just exhausted himself, ”said Ms. Merkacheva.

She said that Andrei Babushkin even worked at night, and people came to him “in a stream, without a break.” He dealt with all complaints, advised and tried to help. “After his Civil Rights Committee was deprived of its premises, he actually conducted this work on the street. He simply overstrained himself, ”says Eva Merkacheva.

The Civil Rights Committee is an interregional public human rights charitable organization. It was established in 1996 in Moscow. Engaged in providing legal assistance to prisoners, illegally convicted, the homeless and orphans, as well as victims of torture. Provides social assistance to the homeless, protects the rights of indigenous and small peoples.

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

Laura Keffer, Maria Starikova



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