How to send a targeted parcel to the liberated territories – clarification of the Ministry of Reintegration

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The Ministry for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine recommends contacting a volunteer organization to send a targeted parcel to relatives in the recently liberated territories.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by Ministry of Reintegration.

“The city or village where your relatives live has been liberated from invaders. How to help loved ones who in such conditions often need the bare necessities: food, medicine, hygiene items? Indeed, due to the temporary lack of stable logistics, people cannot always get to the city to purchase the necessary things. One of the most effective options is to contact a volunteer organization that will form humanitarian assistance for your relatives or transfer the package you have collected directly from hand to hand,” the department noted.

Thus, to transfer targeted humanitarian aid to the liberated territories, it is recommended to call the Help people volunteer center: (068) 501-69-66. Next, you need to collect the package and provide the necessary information about the person to whom help will be sent.

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It is noted that regional coordinators will be able to send goods if a certain number of applications are generated for a specific destination or a large-scale humanitarian cargo goes along the way. The transfer of the parcel is also possible when organizing from places of evacuation.

You can also leave an application for sending targeted humanitarian aid through the round-the-clock hotline for crisis issues of the Ministry of Reintegration at numbers: 1548 and (096) 078-84-33. This application will be given to volunteers.

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“Attention! This service is absolutely free. If someone demands money from you, call us at the phone numbers indicated in the infographic,” the ministry stressed.

As reported by Ukrinformthe government has allocated more than 4 billion hryvnias for rapid and critically needed reconstruction in the areas liberated from Russian invaders.

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