How to recognize a telephone scammer at a glance: three tips from an expert in speech technology

Speech teacher, TV presenter Ksenia Chernova told Life about three signs by which you can identify a telephone scammer literally from a half-word. According to the expert, by the voice we can always recognize what kind of education a person has, in what environment he was brought up and grew up. Our interlocutor identified three speech beacons that should alert the subscriber in a telephone conversation with a stranger. This is illiteracy, an attempt to put pressure on the interlocutor and a poorly delivered voice.

“The first sign is a conversation. It doesn’t matter which one: South Russian, Ural, Northern, Caucasian. People with a dialect are usually not hired to work in large call centers. The second sign is an illiterate construction of sentences. feel that the person calling you has read few books, explains Ksenia Chernova.

Insolence and excessive assertiveness in speech, its fast pace are another fraudulent tricks that are designed to ensure that a person does not have time to soberly assess the situation.

“Such speech manipulations, unfortunately, often work on older people,” noted the interlocutor of Life.


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