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‘How to Kill Your Husband’ author sentenced to life in prison for murdering husband


Nancy Crampton Brophy, 71, has been sentenced to life in prison in Oregon for killing her husband in 2018. CNN. The indictment notes that the murder was committed out of mercenary motives – for the sake of insurance of $ 1.4 million. Due to the abundance of evidence against her, the woman almost immediately became suspect. Including because she was the author of the essay “How to Kill Your Husband.”

The investigation determined that Daniel Brophy was killed on June 2, 2018 with two shots from a Glock pistol. The man was shot dead in his office at the Oregon Culinary Institute, where he taught cooking. Surveillance cameras recorded the teacher’s wife entering and leaving the institute building. Got on cameras and her car. At the trial, the accused claimed that she had no reason to kill her husband, since “they lived together and with him she was better off financially.” According to Ms. Crampton-Brophy, her car ended up near the institute “completely by accident.”

They found a Glock 19 pistol on the woman (but not the one from which her husband was shot; he was never found), and during a search of the house they found a kit for assembling a homemade Glock 17. She explained this fact by the fact that the weapon was necessary for writing another book. Ms. Crampton-Brophy specialized in writing romantic detective stories, and, in her words, she needed these pistols “for literary work, and not, as you might think, to kill her husband.” However, the collected evidence was enough for the jury to find her guilty.

At the same time, the media did not disregard the fact that back in 2011, Mrs. Crampton-Brofey published an essay “How to Kill Your Husband”, where she outlined all the pros and cons of such a murder, indicating how everything can be done without getting caught by the police, and naming five reasons why murder would be justified. In the first place, she put the financial reason, calling it the most important. The judge did not allow the use of this work as evidence, noting that it was written too long ago (besides, as part of the assignments of a literary seminar) and could have set the jury against the defendant. According to a court decision, the writer will be able to apply for a pardon only after she has spent at least 25 years behind bars.

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

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