Aadhar card is one of the most important documents for the people living in India. This identity card consists of a 12-digit unique identification number along with the person’s name, date of birth, address and gender. Specifically, there are two types of Aadhar cards- one is for adults while the other is for children below the age of 5 years which is commonly known as Bal Aadhar card.

Parents can apply for Child Aadhar Card for Newborn Baby in India. The regular Aadhar card comes in plain white color while the Bal Aadhar card comes in blue colour. Biometric data such as fingerprint and iris scan are required to be registered in the Aadhar card of adults, whereas no such information is required in the child Aadhar card. However, once the child turns 5 years old, he/she will have to register his/her biometrics.

To enroll a child for Bal Aadhar card, the parent has to provide the child’s birth certificate and the Aadhar card number of either of the parents. Child Aadhar card is linked to the Aadhar card of either of the parents. Here we are telling you the easiest process for how to get a child Aadhar card.

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Know how to get Bal/Blue Aadhar card in easy steps:

Before starting the process, you need to fill the application form available at the enrollment center along with supporting documents like Proof of Identity (PoI), Proof of Address (PoA), Proof of Relationship (PoR) and Date of Birth (DoB) document. .

step 1: After filling the enrollment form, you have to fill some details.

Step 2: You will have to provide the birth certificate of the child along with the mobile number and the Aadhar card number of one of the parents.

Step 3: Now a picture of the child will be taken.

Step 4: The Aadhar card number of the child will be linked with the Aadhar card number of his/her parents.

Step 5: Once it is confirmed, the parent has to collect the acknowledgment slip.

Notably, once the child turns 5 years old the parents have to update the Aadhaar data and then update the same at the age of 15 years. Mandatory biometric update is free for children.



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