How To Defrost refrigerator when it starts making huge amount of ice know how to prevent in 6 simple way


If your refrigerator is making more ice, then there may be a fault in it.
Excessive accumulation of ice in the refrigerator is a sign of its malfunction.
This problem is mostly seen in old refrigerators.

New Delhi. Whether it is summer or winter, refrigerator is used in almost every household. Especially it is used more in the summer season. Refrigerators are used from cooling water to making ice. You must have heard that when the refrigerator is damaged, the ice freezes or its coolness decreases, but do you know that even when the refrigerator is damaged, more ice starts to be frozen. Usually, this often happens in old fridges, but sometimes due to negligence, this problem starts happening in new fridges as well. Due to the formation of more ice, the space in the freezer gets reduced and you start facing a lot of trouble.

In such a situation, if you are also troubled by the mountain of ice being made in your freezer, then today we are going to tell you the reason for the freezing of ice in the fridge and the ways to avoid it. By adopting these measures, there will be no problem of freezing of ice even in your old fridge.

Do not open the fridge again and again
If more ice is being frozen in your freezer, then it may be that there is more moisture in it. Open the fridge at least during the day so that the moisture does not go into the fridge. Actually, whenever you open the fridge, hot air comes inside it, which creates moisture by mixing with the cold air inside and later it turns into ice.

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set the freezer to the right temperature
If your freezer is getting too much ice, set its temperature at -18 degrees Fahrenheit. If your freezer is set above this temperature, reduce it. Otherwise, more ice will start freezing in the fridge.

keep more stuff in the freezer
To prevent ice from freezing in the freezer, keep more stuff in it. Actually, the more space there is in the freezer, the more moisture is formed in it, which turns into cold or ice over time.

clean the freezer regularly
Many people forget to clean the freezer and let it defrost. The easiest way to defrost your freezer is to remove all food from it and put it in an ice box, then close your freezer for an hour so that it defrosts completely. After this clean it thoroughly.

clean the defrost drain
Most of the fridge surface has a hose, which removes water. In such a situation, if this hose is closed, then ice can accumulate in your fridge. It is necessary to avoid this, so keep cleaning it regularly and take out the dirt.

clean the condenser coil
At the back of the fridge is a set of coils, called condenser coils. It helps your fridge to start and cool down. In such a situation, when it gets dirty or it gets covered with ice, then your fridge is not able to work properly. As a result, sometimes ice starts accumulating inside your fridge and freezer. To avoid this problem, unplug your refrigerator and clean the condenser coils.

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