Losing weight for people does not have to give up their favorite : with the right combination with other , you can without harming your , said nutritionist Elena Kalen.

What and how to eat – in three tips from a specialist.
Confectionery is better to eat with nuts.

For example, if you are faced with a choice – just eat chocolate or chocolate with nuts, then, of course, the second will be more useful.

“Nuts contain fat, which slows down the digestion process because the body has to separate glucose from fat,” the nutritionist explains. “This means that sugar enters the bloodstream more slowly than it could. As a result, the pancreas does not need to send an insulin army “transporting large amounts of sugar through the cells. It’s more beneficial for blood vessels, for health, and for a slim figure.”

Sweet fruits can be added to salad, to meat, to dairy products, porridge

Even chocolate can be added, for example, to cottage cheese and yogurt. The idea of ​​combining sweets with protein, fat or fiber is also to slow down the rate of release of glucose into the blood. She will immediately assimilate and partially satisfy her hunger.

“Someone might think of excess calories … But: it’s a mistake to think that you can only lose weight on low-calorie foods,” the expert says. “What do you get from this? A lack of vitamins and a pumped lower jaw. Because hunger is a request from the body to nutrients. If we eat low-calorie foods, we cheat the brain. It only seems to us that we eat less. Look at the elephant, which also eats low-calorie foods. He has to chew all the time while he is awake. Therefore, I like to say this: no harmful foods, there’s a harmful amount. “

Sweets are best served with coffee.

“Food consumed with coffee is absorbed more slowly due to the release of chlorogenic acid. It slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract,” says Elena Kalen. “This means that blood sugar will rise more slowly than if we eat sweets without a drink. Therefore, the body has time to convert glucose into energy, it doesn’t have to “shove it” into glycogen stores or fat depots. And if sweets were eaten on an empty stomach, then certainly everything will be absorbed without problems. “