How to choose housing for rent in Kurgan for spring-summer

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Interest in real estate for temporary lease for the spring-summer period has grown in the Kurgan region. About what criteria to choose housing and what to look for when drawing up a contract, the correspondent of URA.RU was told by local realtors.

“First of all, it is necessary to determine for what purposes rental housing is chosen. This is a vacation in Kurgan, temporary residence or something else. Everything is individual, so the selection of real estate depends on the personal preferences of potential tenants,” experts shared with URA.RU.

Realtors note that there is no universal formula for choosing housing, but there are criteria by which the majority choose houses or apartments. According to experts, this is, first of all, the availability of certain amenities (water, electricity, heating, and more), because few people will choose housing that does not have these requirements. Realtors added that many clients choose housing for rent in those parts of Kurgan where the infrastructure is most developed.

Meanwhile, the experts mentioned that it is important to read the real estate lease agreement, as it is not uncommon to find rental conditions there that will be unfavorable for the tenant. For such purposes, realtors recommend, you need to contact specialists or deal with the conditions more carefully if a person refuses outside help.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that Kurgan residents were told how profitable it is to buy apartments in Sochi. It is noted that this housing can be purchased in order to further, including, rent it out.

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