How Russian sappers work: FAN report from Kharkiv region


After receiving an application from civilians in one of the villages of the Kharkiv region, a demining group from the 45th engineer-sapper brigade of the RF Armed Forces began to carry out the task of destroying an explosive object found in the field.

Military correspondent of the FAN Alexander Simonov learned the details about the work of the Russian military in the liberated territories of Ukraine and Donbass.

The fighters of the RF Armed Forces, who went on a humanitarian demining mission, spoke about their equipment and uniforms. First of all, sappers are equipped with special suits to protect them. In this case, they use OVR-3Sh combined-arms demining kits, which are able to save a specialist in the event of an involuntary detonation of an explosive object.

The search for enemy traps is carried out with the help of small-sized mine detectors of a new type IMP-3, put into service with the army quite recently. They are able to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals at a depth of up to 40 centimeters underground, as well as in snow or water. These units are light and easy to use, but have all the functionality necessary for a sapper.

Work on humanitarian demining is carried out both in accordance with the plan of the command, and after the appeal of civilians who have discovered suspicious objects. In this case, the second option took place – the farmers found something similar to a mine in an agricultural zone.

The group did not go directly to the indicated place: in order to avoid unnecessary surprises, one sapper with a mine detector moved into the field to locate and identify the explosive device.

After that, as a rule, a cordon of the area is carried out to prevent outsiders from entering the danger zone.

In this case, Russian experts found an unexploded warhead from a downed missile. A solution to this problem is to blow up a dangerous object here, if the territory allows such a method of demining.

After assessing the situation, it comes to the elimination of an enemy projectile, for which various TNT bombs are used, activated with the help of electric detonators or ZTP – industrial incendiary tubes, which are also called igniter cords.

Having calculated the amount of TNT necessary to eliminate the projectile and installed the ZTP, the sappers successfully detonated the dangerous object, which allows residents to safely return to their work.


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