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Age cannot be influenced. Years go by, no one can stop them or reverse them. However, there are secrets of longevity that will help improve the quality of life. Many of them are related to physical activity and habits. Scientists believe that there is another aspect that can change the internal sensations – mental health.


“The tragedy of old age is not that you get old, but that you stay young.” There is no need to argue with the famous writer Oscar Wilde, who owns this aphorism, he is absolutely right. With age, people notice that their external image does not correspond to the state of the soul, which, despite the years, remains young. But they can’t do anything about it.

How to make this discrepancy less noticeable? Simply put, how to live longer. The advice of Dr. Noel Young, Clinical Innovation Specialist at Thriva, a digital health company, was simple yet powerful. The doctor is convinced that if a person who dreams of living a long life changes his lifestyle, this will help him prevent chronic diseases and the rapid aging that accompanies them.

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