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How collectors “M.B.A. Finance” work

– First they called my husband, he explained to them. They did not listen to him, but simply extorted money with the most obscene words and threats. Then they began to call me and from the first seconds they forced me to urgently pay, right here and now, otherwise it would be bad for everyone, –on a specialized portal tell about the experience of communicating with collectors from “M.B.A. Finance”,

– The same situation. She was already in the hospital with a heart attack. I thought I wouldn’t survive. But there is a council on the MBA! I never thought to record conversations with them. But my daughter recorded one of my conversations with them on a dictaphone. It was enough to add to the complaint to the FBS. Now the lender is working with me. Agreed to refinance informs another “ward” of M.B.A. Finance.

The collection agency “M.B.A. Finance” has a bad reputation in Russia. Lots of complaints online. Average score – no. If you believe the reviews, the pressure of the organization is often not even debtors and their relatives, but strangers whose phone was in the databases by mistake.

They call ten times a day. They even recruited a 96-year-old great-grandfather of her husband. Giving false legal information. They’re rude, they’re scared. They hacked into my telephone base and sent a message to everyone demanding to remind me about the debt – tearing and tossing debtors.

Because of the violations committed by collectors – they degrade dignity, make frequent calls and write illegal messages – The bailiff service regularly attracts agency “M.B.A. to administrative responsibility. One of the cases ended in a fine … 55 thousand rubles.

The collection agency “M.B.A. Finance” has repeatedly been recognized as the industry leader in our country. The staff consists of about six hundred employees. Annual revenue fluctuates at the level of a billion rubles. The portfolio includes dozens of completed state contracts for the collection of debts for a total of one and a half billion.

call center "M.B.A.  Finance".  Photo ©

Call-center “M.B.A. Finance”. Photo ©

The heart of “M.B.A. Finance” is a call center in Bryansk, from where tens of thousands of calls and SMS to debtors come from every day. Operators of the call-center “M.B.A. Finance”, and mostly women work there, are paid modestly for their difficult work. According to the Headhunter portal, from 22,600 rubles before taxes.

Who manages “M.B.A. Finance”

The collection agency “M.B.A. Finance” can be called Russian rather conditionally. Its parent company, MBA Empire, was founded a quarter of a century ago in the Czech Republic by a local resident. In the 2000s and 10s, it grew into a global holding with subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, China, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Cyprus and Russia. The financial group also includes several structures registered in the jurisdiction of England. The head office was moved to Singapore.

Fedor Vakhata.  Photo © MBA Consult

“M.B.A. Finance” is headed by 43-year-old Fyodor Vakhata. Judging by the SPARK database, he has dual citizenship – the Czech Republic and Ukraine. He has been in the holding for a long time. Initially, he worked in the Czech parent company, but at the end of the 2000s he was sent to open a Russian branch.

The Czech collector settled in Russia. He had a Muscovite wife, their children went to the capital’s schools. It is interesting that he gave his surname to the heirs, but his wife changed it in our manner, becoming Maria Vakhatova according to her passport.

Maria Vakhatova.  Photo © VK / Maria Vakhatova

At the height of the pandemic, the claimant’s wife, Maria Vakhatova, founded VPK-Capital in Ivanovo, a “professional investment collection agency.” Net profit over 90 million rubles. Vakhatova also founded the Infohub company, which sells software for collecting data about people. Most likely, Maria was asked to register these companies by her husband. She is a photographer herself and is not engaged in business.

Foreign registers indicate that Fedor Vahata is registered in the Karlovy Vary city of Sokolov in a modest house. His father has more interesting real estate in Sokolov – apartments in a well-maintained residential complex. In Moscow, the collector’s family has recently settled in a four-room apartment in a house on Rublevsky Highway – a similar housing costs up to 30 million rubles on the secondary market.

Fedor Vakhata does not seem to be a rich man. Much more successful is his sister, who stayed in the Czech Republic, an activist of the local Eurosceptic Tricolor movement. She occupies a solid mansion on the first line of the Elbe River in the respectable town of Sedlchanki. Around castles and flower fields.

Who owns M.B.A. Finance

Currently, the Russian “M.B.A. Finance” is owned by the Kazakh company of the same name, which is located in Astana. It, in turn, belongs to 44-year-old Viktor Dokuchaev, a businessman living in Cyprus with dual citizenship of the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. The fact that he has passports of two foreign states is confirmed by the SPARK database.

Viktor Dokuchaev is the main shareholder and chairman of the board of directors of the MBA Empire international group.  Photo © Facebook (recognized as an extremist organization and banned in the Russian Federation) / Dokucajev Viktor

Viktor Dokuchaev is the main shareholder and chairman of the board of directors of the MBA Empire international group. Photo © Facebook (recognized as an extremist organization and banned in the Russian Federation) / Dokucajev Viktor

Dokuchaev was born in the Czech city of České Budějovice. His father was a theater director, his mother was an auditor and, according to some reports, a bailiff. Dokuchaev has degrees from two prestigious Czech universities. He has held senior positions at eBanka, the largest electronic bank in the Czech Republic, and at SM-Market, the leader in retail in Kazakhstan. On the eve of the 1910s, he got a job as a top manager at the Czech collection agency MBA EMPIRE, where he took over the development of the Russian sector. He did a good job, soon he was made co-owner and chairman of the board of directors of the entire international holding.

The commercial register of the Czech Republic contains several addresses of Dokuchaev. In České Budějovice, he was registered in a two-story mansion on Jírovcova and in apartments in an apartment building on Dvořákova. The first property is wholly owned by Dokuchaev’s company AZP Consult sro, the second is owned by his probable relative, who may be an employee of the Czech security service of the police secret information protection department. In Prague, Dokuchaev occupied an apartment in a historic building with a beautiful facade on Komunardů Street.

Dokuchaev’s father lives in a cottage in the Czech community of Nupaki on Šeříková Street.

Viktor Dokuchaev found his wife in Bryansk. The couple has a son of school age. In the past and the year before last, the family got rid of the old property left in the wife’s small homeland through the Avito portal. So, for 6.3 million rubles was sold nice townhouse with designer renovation. It seems that for the last few years the Dokuchaevs have been living by the sea in Paphos, Cyprus. Their social networks testify to this.

As Life found out, Viktor Dokuchaev is still associated with the Russian firm Fairdeep Finance, which for some time included in the list of companies compiled by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with identified signs of illegal activity in the financial market.

Banquet for collectors

On February 17, the All-Russian Congress of the Club of Buyers and Sellers of Overdue Debts will be held. This is an annual industry conference organized by the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies. After the official part, there will be a magnificent banquet and drawing of valuable prizes. The meeting will take place at Omega Rooftop, a conceptual panoramic platform on the roof of the Tsvetnoy department store in Moscow. The collectors of M.B.A. Finance must have been invited: they are members of the club.

Can foreign collectors make money in Russia?

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