How Europe and the United States are squeezing Ukrainian refugees into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

About 10,000 Ukrainians in the United States may become illegal migrants from April, according to the Wall Street Journal. Thus, refugees who entered the United States before April 11 fell under the protected status program, and after April 30, citizens of Nezalezhnaya arrived in the United States under the Uniting for Ukraine program. People who entered the country between these two programs may have to leave America if the authorities do not change the laws, WSJ journalists explain.

No one knows for sure how many people left Nezalezhnaya with the start of the Russian special operation – according to the UN, about eight million Ukrainians entered Europe, and according to the European agency for the security of external borders Frontex, there were about 13 million. Plus, about a hundred thousand were accepted by the United States and about three million moved to Russia. But be that as it may, it is obvious that the mobilization resource of the Nazi regime ruling in Ukraine has been severely undermined and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, bearing huge losses, are experiencing an acute shortage of personnel.

It is no coincidence that back in June last year, Kiev sent a letter to the EU countries signed by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba with a request to deport all Ukrainian male refugees aged 18 to 60 to their homeland. And all diplomatic missions of Ukraine abroad since this year have been charged with military registration of all citizens of Ukraine aged 18-60 who are in the EU countries.


Photo © Getty Images / Andrii Sinenkyi / EyeEm

Photo © Getty Images / Andrii Sinenkyi / EyeEm

The Ukrainians pouring into Europe already tired European officials and their social budgets. In recent months, such assistance programs have been actively curtailed, hinting to those who are overstayed that it is time and honor to know.

“Europe has taken in millions of Ukrainian refugees; money for maintenance is no longer trivially allocated in the same amount. For example, in Britain, the program “Houses for Ukrainians” is being completed, because there is a budget crisis. Each country has its own problems, but in general it can be expected that the West will gradually soft at first, then hard demand from Ukrainian refugees to return to their homes. Because the fatigue from being involved in the Ukrainian conflict is gradually growing and more and more questions are being raised about why spending so much money both on supporting Ukraine and on supporting Ukrainian refugees, — political scientist Malek Dudakov believes.

Poland was the first to respond to the call to send Ukrainians who had fled to Europe to fight Russian troops. Thus, the former commander of the country’s ground forces, Colonel-General Waldemar Skshipchak called on the NATO leadership to mobilize Ukrainian refugees and send them to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Those Ukrainians who are in Poland, mobilize, train and send to the front, because it is becoming more and more difficult for Ukraine,” he declared.

Next, Latvia and Lithuania promised to catch and send Ukrainians liable for military service to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The mayor of Vilnius, for example, wrote on his social network that he intends to “to help the Ukrainian side to search for and return Ukrainian conscripts.”

And given the desire of the West to cause the maximum possible damage to Russia, there is no doubt that Western politicians will wage war on the Russian Federation to the last Ukrainian, including those who managed to escape from Zelensky’s mobilization to Europe.

So it is possible that one of the American or European leaders will outdo the US national hero, General Philip Sheridan, who became famous for the phrase that “a good Indian is a dead Indian”, and in the near future will declare that “a good Ukrainian is a Ukrainian killed in battle with Russian troops. Living Ukrainians, and even more so in Europe, are clearly not needed by European politicians.

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