How employees of a private ambulance in Vidnoe chase patients and journalists

How a paramedic dropped a choking child into the street

In early March, 13-year-old Amin was admitted to intensive care with bilateral pneumonia. According to the parents, in the local hospital – and it was in Vidnoye – they could not help their son. The condition worsened so much that the child was connected to an oxygen mask.

“I agreed that my son would be admitted to the capital’s hospital, and I wanted to send him there with his mother in a private ambulance,” tells Life the boy’s father Elshad Sharaliev. The dispatcher told me the price: 15 thousand rubles for a call, 200 rubles for a kilometer, four thousand for oxygen.

According to the father, when the ambulance arrived for the boy, her paramedic, 52-year-old Alexander Yakovenko, allegedly demanded one hundred thousand. The dumbfounded parents called the control room again and agreed on the final thirty. The father of the barely breathing Amin transferred the money. The ambulance moved off in the direction of the Moscow hospital. And then the paramedic Yakovenko, seeing how much money was dropped into his account, threw a tantrum. He simply dropped a woman with a child on the street and left.

The father of the child – about what happened. Video © / SHOT

Elshad Sharaliev had to call another private ambulance. Fortunately, his son Amin managed to be taken to the hospital, the boy is now recovering.

The private ambulance, where Amin’s parents applied, is supervised by LLC “MCSMP”. A couple of days later, the Sharalievs received a call from this medical company and were told that, they say, the paramedic had been fired. This did not suit the parents, they are already preparing appeals to the Investigative Committee, the prosecutor’s office and the court.

Unsinkable and infamous

As the SHOT telegram channel found out, Yakovenko has a very dark medical past. Scandals seem to be nothing to him. In 2005, he worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist in Volgograd. Then, because of his mistake, the child of a 23-year-old patient died, and the girl herself later died from complications. The court found Yakovenko guilty, sentenced him to two and a half years in a colony-settlement and banned him from practicing medicine for three years.

Alexander Yakovenko.  Photo © SHOT

Alexander Yakovenko. Photo © SHOT

After the ban expired, Yakovenko moved to the Moscow region and became the head of the Istra ambulance substation. Last year, he had a conflict there with a subordinate, whom he beat right at work. The girl was diagnosed with a concussion and numerous bruises to the head.

Now, in addition to the position of a paramedic at the MCSMP, Yakovenko is accepting at the RESET drug treatment clinic in Moscow as a resuscitator, psychiatrist and narcologist.

Emergency criminal assistance

After the publications of the SHOT telegram channel, the investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of providing services that do not meet safety requirements, and Roszdravnadzor initiated its own check.

SHOT correspondents went to the MTSMC private ambulance base to ask questions about Yakovenko. The conversation didn’t work. The operator was used a wrestling chokehold, the correspondent was pushed out of the office and they tried to take away the phone. The film crew with great difficulty managed to leave the territory.

Attack on telegram channel operator SHOT. Video © SHOT

As it turned out, in addition to the convicted paramedic, there is one more person on the staff of the MCSMP who was involved under a criminal article. This is 35-year-old CEO Alexander Nazarov. He had a previous drug conviction. In 2010, they found more than five and a half grams of cocaine on him and gave him three years of probation.

General Director of a private ambulance Alexander Nazarov.  Photo © / SHOT

General Director of a private ambulance Alexander Nazarov. Photo © / SHOT

Why is lawlessness and lawlessness rampant in private ambulance services?

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