How do you do it people? Europe Plus raised the artists to the “Live Breakfast” at seven in the morning

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On September 30, the Moscow Concert Hall Adrenaline Stadium hosted the Live Breakfast show with Brigade U, the hosts of the Europa Plus morning show.

The concert began at seven in the morning, Muscovites and fans of the show from different cities of our large country – Samara, Togliatti, Voronezh, Stavropol, etc. became guests and spectators. arrived in Moscow in advance and did not go to bed at all, so as not to miss such an event.

Marie Kraimbrery, photo by Julia Natyamba

Admission was free and everyone could have breakfast and cheer up with croissants, pies with various fillings, tea, coffee, which were kindly treated at the bar counters.

The hosts of the Live Breakfast were Val and Vikki. The guys woke everyone up with their positive, cheerfulness, jokes, and interactive activities.
Val and Vikki discussed with the audience what new style to choose for the next music day, as there were already Latina Day, Funky Day and Rock Day, wondering what to do next? Every hour, the news anchor Pavel Besedin came on stage and read out the current news for the day, as well as announced how many croissants were eaten and liters of coffee drunk.

In these 3 cheerful early hours, breakfast guests managed to take part in quizzes for speed, dexterity or ingenuity. Everyone left the stage with gifts, some with consoling gifts – a T-shirt from Europe Plus and a photo of the U Brigade with autographs, and some with quite impressive ones, the main of which was the Iphone 14. Twice 12 people went up to the stage, who the whole country, instead of leading, read out the horoscope for September 30. As they say, getting up early is very good and healthy!

Well, what a concert without stars – no! Therefore, this morning, the Wu Brigade tormented not only guests, but also popular artists with an early rise.
On the stage of Adrenaline Stadium performed: “My Michel”, Vanya Dmitrienko, Marie Kraymbreri, NILETTO, Zivert, Filatov & Karas.

My Michelle, photo by Julia Natyamba

The soloist of “My Michelle” Tanya arrived at the site before everyone else, her performance opened the “Live Breakfast”. The singer admitted that she woke up at 04:00 and had two breakfasts before 7 in the morning. It was pancakes and cake.

Vanya Dmitrienko said that he had never woken up so early even for school, he could not wake up on time for school at all. On that day, Vanya got up 40 minutes before the concert, and then in order to wake up his vocal cords, otherwise he could have torn them while singing.

Vanya Dmitrienko, photo by Yulia Natyamba

Marie Crimebrery – woke up at 05:30. She admitted that she had never taken part in such an action, she was always interested and she did not believe that people came at such an early hour. Marie asked the audience: “How do you do it, people”, those who woke up at 04:00?

Marie Kraimbrery, photo by Julia Natyamba

NILETTO is one of the most sporting artists in Russia. Danya explained that he had no morning. The performer of the hit “Lubimka” has no concept of morning, lunch and evening – it’s just always the same time. Before the performance, he didn’t sleep at all and didn’t do exercises.

Zivert was surprised how lively the breakfast really was and accepted congratulations on her debut, the singer had never performed on the morning stage before.

Zivert, photo by Julia Natyamba

Filatov & Karas made it to the final of the “Live Breakfast” and excited the audience even more, forcing them to dance to their hits.
At the end of the performance, the artists said, “Thank you for your support. Guys, good morning! May you have a great day!”

Filatov & Karas, photo by Julia Natyamba

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