How abrupt withdrawal from sports can affect health


A person accustomed to regular training, after the abolition of physical activity, may feel depressed and even depressed. About it “Public News Service” said Svetlana Malinovskaya, head of the rehabilitation treatment department of the Vidnovskaya Regional Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region.

The doctor noted that when going in for sports, you need to know the measure of stress, since excessive physical activity can become a habit and become an addiction.

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“Meanwhile, every adherent of regular training can get into a situation where he simply will not have the opportunity to exercise – for example, in the event of a job change, illness or injury. In this case, the body, accustomed to regular physical activity, may behave “ungratefully”. For example, a person begins to gain weight, ”she clarified.

According to Malinovskaya, sports should be practiced “without fanaticism.” The optimal types of physical activity are walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics. For older people, moderate power loads are suitable for preventing the loss of muscle mass and its tone, the doctor concluded.

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