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How a 5 star hotel is being built in the restricted forest area of ​​Mount Abu! When the MLA asked Gehlot to take action against those who broke the rules?

Rajasthan News: Pindwara MLA Samaram Garasiya has raised questions on Friday regarding a 5-star hotel being built in the No Construction Zone of Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has been asked that when will action be taken against such people?


  • The construction is going on indiscriminately for the last several months.
  • Abu Pindwara MLA Samaram tweeted to the Union Environment Minister
  • Supreme Court and NGT rules in Mount Abu
  • Referring to the name of Limdi Kothi Hotel, serious allegations against the government
  • A multi-storey building is being built in the name of big ruling leaders

Sharad Tak
If construction is happening indiscriminately in the no-contraction zone of Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary and it is not a big deal because here the local administration, forest department and district administration have no sense in it. Abu Pindwara MLA Samaram Garasiya himself has made this allegation. MLA Garasiya has tweeted after writing a letter to Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar regarding this and has demanded strict action. He has also questioned Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot that when will action be taken against those who break the rules?

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MLA Garasia has written in the letter that despite the complete ban on construction work in Mount Abu Century John, the construction of a five-star multi-storey hotel in Mount Abu’s No Construction John is going on indiscriminately. The rules are being openly flouted with the connivance of the local administration and the forest department. In the No Construction Zone of Mount Abu Century, construction is going on openly for the last several months at a place named Limdi Kothi. Several trucks of cement and bricks are entering Mount Abu every day, but the officials of the local administration and forest department are maintaining silence.

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At the same time, there is a complete ban on new construction in Mount Abu. Repairs of houses that are many years old are not even allowed. The general public cannot even build a toilet, but the rules are being flouted openly by naming some big leaders in the state. And the officials of the administration and forest department are closed their eyes. The MLA has requested to take action by stopping the illegal construction work.

Let us tell you that Abu Pindwara MLA Samaram Garasiya had earlier tweeted to the state government regarding illegal liquor smuggling and police nexus in Sirohi district. After this, the said matter made media headlines and the state government started investigation against outgoing SP Himmat Abhilash Tak and he was removed from the district.

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