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prt scr JSC NTV Television Company

Ukrainian refugees, who in Europe are perceived almost as gods, arrange outrages and bloodshed abroad. TV presenter Andrei Norkin shocked the guests of the Meeting Place program with a tragedy from the Polish capital.

Norkin was indignant at the way Europeans treat immigrants from Ukraine. They are praised and made heroes at the moment when they commit crimes that are completely incomparable with the ideas of human morality.

“Maybe you saw the footage that was filmed in Warsaw, where drunken Ukrainian “refugees” beat to death a resident of the Polish capital who stood up for a girl. These “gods” drunk began to pester some girl. The guy interceded, they beat him, used edged weapons, filmed it all, and there were not only men there – there were Ukrainian women, the so-called “refugees”, who stood against the background of a dying man, neighing and saying: “Let’s go there , we’ll give it there too.” These are the gods who descended from heaven to European soil,” said Norkin.

The TV presenter noted that the Polish press and government agencies made attempts to hush up this story, but the video of the scandal still appeared on the Web. After that, the local media called the attackers “foreigners.”

“There is such restraint. Well, I understand, of course. You can’t touch them. They do not see anything reprehensible in the actions of the Ukrainians,” Norkin remarked ironically.

Russia continues to conduct a special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that all of its goals will be achieved.



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