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Horrible: Woman kills husband by stabbing him, then cuts private part and cooks it in a pan

In Brazil, a woman killed her husband after a fight with him. Later she cut her husband’s private part with a vegetable-cutting knife and cooked it in a pan. The police have arrested the accused woman on charges of murder and desecration of the dead body.

Rio de Janeiro
A woman in Brazil has been arrested for the murder of her own husband. This woman is also accused of cutting and cooking her private parts after killing her husband. The accused woman, 33-year-old Dayane Cristina Rodrigues Machado, was arrested by the police in the Brazilian city of Sao Goncalo on June 7. It is alleged that this woman had killed her husband during the separation debate.

There was an argument between the two about the separation
The matter was informed to the police by the neighbors of the accused woman. When the police reached the spot on the spot, they found the lifeless, naked and mutilated body of a man named Andre. According to officials, his wife had cut his penis and cooked it in soybean oil in a frying pan. They believe that the crime took place around 4 a.m. when the couple had an argument over separation.

Knife used in murder recovered from the spot
The police have recovered a knife used to cut vegetables from the spot. Police say that the woman first killed her husband with this weapon. Later he cut many parts of it from this. The arrested woman has been charged with murder and desecration of the corpse.

The couple has a son and a daughter
According to reports, these two couples lived together for 10 years in 12 years. But, in the last two years, they were living separately due to differences among themselves. Despite this, the two used to meet frequently. They have an eight year old son and a five year old daughter. It is not yet clear where these children were at the time of the crime. It is being told that both of them used to run a pizza shop together.

The fight started after going to the bar
According to news website UOL, the couple went to a bar on the night of the crime. Where there was a dispute between the two while drinking alcohol and eating something. The woman’s lawyer claimed that her husband Andre threatened to kill her. After which the woman killed her husband in her self-defense. However, Andre’s sister, Adriana Santos, says that the woman killed her brother to avenge her betrayal.


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