Hollywood actor Jarald Leto admits he hasn’t cried in 17 years

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Actor the other day Jared Leto came to the radio show host Joe Wiley. The artist admitted that he had not cried for almost 17 years.

“The last time I cried was when I hurt my big toe. Basically, I’m like a lizard. Maybe my tear glands aren’t working properly. Or maybe I cried all the tears during the filming of “Requiem for a Dream”? I cried so much at the time,” said the actor.

Jared also said that for him personally, the wildest thing about this film is that the actor had a scene where he had to be very emotional. During filming, the star received a phone call. One of the artist’s best friends was shot in the head.

Previously known as an actor Johnny Depp refers to the boycott in Hollywood after his ex-wife’s trial.


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