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Hitler’s fan is the one who licked the French President, explained the reason

Emmanuel Macron Slap Update: Damien Tarrell, who licked French President Emmanuel Macron at a public event, is a fan of Nazi dictator Hitler. Weapons and Hitler’s autobiography have been recovered from him.


  • The attacker who slapped French President Emmanuel Macron has been identified
  • The attacker’s name is Damien Tarrell and he has been acting in plays
  • From him the police got the autobiography of German dictator Hitler Mein Kampf

The assailant, who publicly slapped French President Emmanuel Macron, has been identified. The attacker’s name is Damien Tarrell and he continues to play medieval characters in the play. From him, the police have got Mein Kampf, the autobiography of German dictator Hitler. He lives with his mother. During police interrogation, Tarell revealed that he had not previously planned to slap the French president.

The long-haired Tarel was slapped on the ground by policemen after being slapped. He then started shouting ‘Down with the macaronia’ (A bass la macaroni). In earlier times this word was used during war. The incident was condemned all over the world. Meanwhile, the police have searched Tarel’s house. Many weapons, the flag of the Soviet Union, Hitler’s autobiography, many fantasy novels and Japanese comics have been found from him.

Tarel is seen with Talwar on his Instagram account

Following the incident, a police source claimed that Tarel was a rebel but intelligence officers were probing several aspects. According to media reports, Tarel will have to remain in lock-up for several days. On the other hand, even after this incident, the French President has announced that he will continue to meet people. On the other hand, Tarel is seen with Talwar on his Instagram account. He is wearing a helmet that is worn during the martial art of Kendo in Japan.

According to French media, two people involved in the slap case have been arrested. French Prime Minister Jean Castex called the incident an insult to democracy. The incident happened when Macron was visiting the Drme region in south-eastern France. He visited restaurants and also met students to know about the lives of people after the havoc of Kovid-19.

Damien Tarel

Hitler’s fan who licked the French President


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