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The closing of the competition “Educator of the Year of Russia”, which took place on September 27 in Yaroslavl, pleasantly surprised by the sincerity that the tired participants, their support teams, and the jury members needed so much. The organizers were able to create a homely atmosphere at the official ceremony. Thanks to the wonderful Yaroslavl hosts of the XIII competition and the federal organizers – the Ministry of Education of Russia, the All-Russian Trade Union of Education, the Center for Educational Initiatives.

Sincere greetings

Even the salutatory words of those who took the stage were very personal.

The host of the ceremony, actor, humorist, television director Sergei Belogolovtsev, leaning over, put the folder with the script on the floor and began to speak on his own behalf. Not to joke. He was shocked by the competition, delighted with the participants:

I have incredible respect for you teachers. Your profession is so responsible that, for example, I would not dare to take it on. You provide a basis, with which a small citizen of a large country will continue to live. I remember my teacher very well, her name was Iraida Serafimovna. Her praise was more important to me than the praise of my father and mother. I grew such small wings behind my back … You are beautiful, smart, young. I want to applaud you, and you applaud each other, please.

Vera Dargel, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Yaroslavl Region, spoke about her children:

“I am a mother of three preschoolers. It is your kind word that helps us as parents choose the right path for our children. Thank you very much! I want you to have a lot of energy. We, parents, spend a lot of time at work, so you become really second mothers for our children. Health to you! Embodiments of the craziest ideas. Create! I am confident that our children are in safe hands.

Tatyana Vasilyeva, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation:

– First of all, I want to congratulate you on your professional holiday – the Day of the Preschool Education Worker. The Russian system of preschool education is the best in the world. This is a brand. And this is thanks to your knowledge, your experience, your daily work. I am sure that for your pupils, their parents, each of you is the best educator.

Chairman of the All-Russian Trade Union of Education Galina Merkulova also congratulated all those present on the birthday of the trade union. Because many in the hall, of course, are members of it. And added:

– The trade union treats this competition with special warmth and trepidation, we initiated it 13 years ago. And the first to support our initiative, being then the chairman of the Russian government, was Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. I think you are happy people, and this happiness was given to you by the competition days. And yet, you are so beautiful that I want to add another nomination to the competition rules – “Miss Educator of the Year of Russia”. I understand that not everyone here is a winner. You have different feelings. But here I take a collection, where it is written about each participant. You see, a page is dedicated to each. And this is a page of the history of education. Thank you for your hard work. Keep it up!

All participants take turns going up to the stage. They are again applauded by the hall, as at the opening ceremony. And this is the best proof that there are no losers in this competition. What to give these brave, creative people? Of course, music! Performed by the incredible Yaroslavl Academic Governor’s Symphony Orchestra (artistic director and chief conductor, People’s Artist of Russia Murad Annamamedov).

Five small pearls and one victorious

Chairman of the Grand Jury “Educator of the Year”, and. about. Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Education, Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education of Lomonosov Moscow State University Viktor Basyuk thanked everyone – the contestants, organizers, the jury, accompanying from the regions, the teaching staff of the participants, their families. And, of course, he noted the education system of the Yaroslavl region:

– This is a special system that has been operating in an innovative format for a long time. Unique educational organizations, preschool institutions, the Institute for the Development of Education allowed us to make our competition professional.

The five winners received small crystal pearls from the hands of Viktor Stefanovich – for the first time in the history of the competition. The audience loudly welcomed Anna Gaidukova (Moscow), Natalia Demchenko (St. Petersburg), Yulia Doronina (Volgograd Region), Ekaterina Kazarova (Moscow Region), Irina Selivanova (Krasnoyarsk).

Finally, Deputy Minister of Education Tatyana Vasilyeva enters the stage and pronounces the long-awaited name of the winner: Yulia Gennadievna Doronina!

The prize from the All-Russian Trade Union of Education – a certificate for 100 thousand rubles – is presented by the deputy chairman of the trade union Tatyana Kupriyanova:

– What would I like to wish our winner? Love, joy, health, prosperity, faithful pupils. They will always be grateful to you!

The ceremony is over – and it’s press time. But it is impossible to get through to Yulia Doronina – everyone wants to take a picture with her, hug her, congratulate her! Seizing the moment:

– I see that you did not believe that you could become a winner. I’m right?

– I didn’t believe it. Of course, I had a baggage of experience, I wanted to share it, I dreamed of getting into the “tag”. Last year she became a winner in the region, but ended up in the hospital. Started over this year. And so…

Why is it so important for you to participate in the competition?

– I have been in the profession for 23 years. A few years ago I realized that I was going in circles. We work with the guys. We take part in competitions. I complete the paperwork. I work with parents. And then all over again. I’ve lost the spark. And it is impossible to work with children without a “light”.

– What gives an experienced teacher participation in the competition?

– In our Volgograd region, much attention is paid to both preschool education and the competitive movement. It is important! After all, the competition is a holiday, and we don’t have enough holidays. A new circle of friends appears. You meet with friends. By the way, I met many contestants in the training camp of the All-Russian Trade Union of Education. I am in awe of this program!

– What did the training camp give you?

– I spoke with the speakers. They gave lectures, told what mistakes teachers make, what to pay attention to. And I analyzed what to take from my experience to perform at the competition, what not. And in the program of the training camp there are consultations, you can individually communicate with experts. Contestants show their master classes and receive recommendations. Colossal experience!

Yulia Gennadievna talks about her support group in her native Krasnooktyabrsky district of Volgograd. And I want to meet these people! She says that she is happy – she was able to adequately represent her region, the Volgograd region, she is proud – next year educators from all over the country will feel Volgograd hospitality. And I want to be there as soon as possible! By tradition, on the eve of the Educator of the Year 2023 contest, I will definitely tell you, our readers, about how Yulia Doronina works in her kindergarten, about her main “chip” – puzzle cards, or drudles. Do you know that the winner turned this word into an abbreviation? DRUDL: think, reflect, exercise, draw, be curious. Is it really interesting?

Oksana RODIONOVA. Photo by Dmitry OCHAGOV


Prizes in special nominations were awarded to:

“The Art of Education” from the Institute for the Study of Family, Childhood and Education of the Russian Academy of Education – to the educator from the Kaluga region, Yulia Dyatlova;

“Public recognition of professional activity in the field of preschool education” from the National Research Institute of Preschool Education “Educators of Russia” – to a teacher-psychologist from Yaroslavl, Olga Kolchina;

“Educator – the keeper of cultural values” from the group of companies “Enlightenment” – to the music director from the Belgorod region Natalia Leontyeva;

“For loyalty to the profession” from the publishing house “MOZAIKA-SINTEZ”, the International Pedagogical Academy of Preschool Education – to the senior educator from the Republic of Buryatia Natalia Pokatskaya;

“For methodical creativity” from the Center for Preschool Education of the Russkoye Slovo publishing house to Natalya Borodkina, an educator from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug;

“Innovations for children” from the Vershina company to Tatyana Stepanenko, an educator from Murmansk;

“For the preservation of ethno-cultural heritage” from the company “Kindergarten” – Tatyana Afanasyeva from the Trans-Baikal Territory, Zarema Barzagova from the Republic of Ingushetia, Lidia Ivanova from Kalmykia, Tatyana Ofitserova from the Tambov Region, Natalya Petukhova from the Republic of Mari El;

“See with the Heart” from Tomsk State Pedagogical University – to the educator from the Volgograd region Yulia Doronina.

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