Historian Mikhail Diunov pointed to the connection between the tragedy in Khatyn and today’s atrocities in Kyiv

wikimedia.org |  John Oldale/CC BY-SA 3.0
wikimedia.org | John Oldale/CC BY-SA 3.0

Ukrainian punishers do not comply with the laws of war, kill prisoners, destroy civilians with the tacit approval of the West. On the day of the 80th anniversary of the tragedy in Khatyn, an anthropologist and publicist told the FAN about its connection with today’s events in Ukraine. Mikhail Diunov.

On the night of March 22, 1943, soldiers of the 118th battalion of the 201st security division arrived in the Belarusian village of Khatyn. The battalion was led by a German officer, but consisted of Ukrainian nationalists who willingly went into the service of the Nazis.

“So 149 residents of Khatyn, among whom were 75 children, were brutally killed, burned alive or shot. This happened because Russian partisans were seen nearby, ”Diunov recalled.

The expert added that among all these war criminals, only one was German – their commander. Even the soldiers of the Dirlewanger battalion, who arrived to help destroy the civilian population, represented the Ukrainian people.

“They willingly carried out the most cruel orders: they killed, tortured, robbed. After all, for Ukrainian nationalists, Russians, Belarusians, and even the same Ukrainians, who do not share their misanthropic ideology, are mortal enemies,” — explained the interlocutor FAN.

According to the historian, that is why the tragic events of 1943 are repeated over and over again on the territory of Ukraine. According to him, the Kiev government is ready to sacrifice its population, and the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of the “Square” have long turned into the same punishers as their predecessors from Dirlewanger.

From the personal photo archive of Mikhail Diunov
From the personal photo archive of Mikhail Diunov

“Today, on March 22, in the Snigirevsky district of the Kherson region, the bodies of victims of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from among the local population were found. In October 2022, punishers from the Azov Regiment* committed a massacre in Kupyansk. And, of course, everyone knows the story in Bucha, where local residents were killed by Ukrainian “liberators” only to then blame this crime on the Russian army.

From the first days of the conflict, we see that the Ukrainian troops fundamentally do not comply with the laws of war: they kill prisoners, rob, burn, and destroy the civilian population. What is especially outrageous is that all this is being done with the tacit approval of the West, diligently turning a blind eye to the bloody deeds of the Kyiv regime,” Mikhail Diunov summed up.

Earlier, the sociologist, publicist and public figure Philip Grill, in an interview with the FAN, pointed to the double standards of the West in relation to Nazism. The expert recalled that the European Union turns a blind eye to the annual commemorative march in honor of the Waffen SS legionnaires in the capital of Latvia.

  • * – a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation


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